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Hawkeye Home Inspections LLC/ Alvin C. Miller ACI-BVI, Owner/Inspector

Hawkeye Home Inspections, LLC

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Alvin Miller, ACI, Founder/Owner/Inspector
  • 50 Years Home Builder/Inspector/since 1970

  • Sewer Line Camera Inspections

    Iowa BBB A+ Member 2010

  • Certified Air Quality

  • Iowa Certified Radon Measurement Specialist #S00253 

  • 2014 AARST Member

  • City of Riverside, Ia Building Inspector 2006-2007

  • Serving Iowa City, CR and surrounding areas

  • American Legion, Iowa, 1st Dist Commander; 2014-2017

  • Call:  319-530-8130 to set up an inspection appointment  or         



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                          Alvin Miller’s Building/Inspector Background

Alvin started building new custom homes in 1970 and has worked the housing industry since. Alvin was a framing/cabinet/trim building contractor/inspector for Olen Stidham General Contractor from 1971 to 1978.

Alvin personally performed every aspects of home building to include designing, architectural, consultation, framing, trim, cabinet making, plumbing, heating, electrical, foundation and concrete works, indepth/exhaustive inspections for repairs, excavating and much, much more.  

My indepth experience enables me to inspect your home with “precision” regardless of size, age or design.  I am ‘your’ Home Qualified Inspector.

Let my experience give you ‘Complete Confidence’ and ‘Peace-of-Mind’ with the large investment in buying your new home when I inspect your house. 

What Is A Home Inspection?

A Home Inspector performs a professional, objective visual examination of the physical condition a home is in at the time the inspection is performed. An inspector is not intended to point out every minor problem, defect or flaw in a home but to detect fire, health, safety and structural issues. I will note maintenance issues for your information.

A Home Inspection by a professional Inspector will reveal problems the average person would not normally see or know how to diagnose and will also point out the positive areas of a home. As your Home Inspector, I provide useful repair and mainteneance  information to you, the home buyer.  


How do I select the BEST Home Inspector?             

1.  Look for an inspector that has a solid home building background; such an inspector knows how a home is put together and how everything is supposed to work in a home; they have diagnosed problem areas when building, remodeling or renovating homes. They have very ‘first-hand’ experience in taking care of problems in homes.

2.  Look for an inspector that is Professionally Trained, AHIT, American Home Inspectors Training Institute and CERTIFIED through a Professional Inspector Organization, like ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors.      

3. Look for an inspector that is a professional, full time inspector.


Exterior Inspection Components

Landscaping effects on the foundation; does settling dirt around foundation need attention; trim trees/shrubs; retaining walls.

Windows, Caulking, Sidingis caulking in place to keep water out; condition of windows, siding, trim, etc.

Roof, Chimney, Flashings, Valleyswhat condition are they in; are nails exposed; are needed areas tarred/sealed

Water Drainage, Guttersdo gutters keep water away from foundation; does water drain properly

Deck, Porch, Patio, Drivewaywhat shape are they in; are decks fastened properly; is driveway sloped appropriately

Air Conditioning Condenser is unit level; does it operate properly; are the lines insulated correctly; does it appear to need servicing.




   Interior Inspection Components 

Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Windowsare there any stains or holes; general condition of all items.

Plumbing Systemcheck drainage; is there water flow/pressure drop; do toilets operate properly; condition/age of water heater; signs of any leaks/rusting.

HVAC Systemefficiency of heating/cooling; does it operate safely; does it appear to be in good shape; has it been serviced properly; does it appear to need repairs.

Electrical System is system properly sized for house; do breakers/wire sizes correlate; does system appear to be safe; do AFCI & GFCI circuits operate properly.

Attic Areacheck: roof sheathing(any water stains from leaks,etc.); proper ventilation(extremely important for proper heating & cooling);  make & adequacy of existing insulation; general condition of wood framing and much more. 

Structural System–  What is general condition of house; were proper framing methods utilized; do floors, beams and roofs appear solid/straight/in good condition; what condition is the foundation in; and much, much more…. 

These are some highlights of a complete Home Inspection; however, much, much more is entailed in the complete Home Inspection


About Your Inspection

Home inspection costs generally range from $300.00 for a small house and up depending on the size and content of the house. A radon measurement fee is normally $125.00 per test.

The home inspection should take from 1-4 hours depending on size of home

An Inspection Agreement gives you full disclosure of what to expect in your inspection. We want you to fully understand the costs, standards, purpose and scope of the inspection,

I request your presence by the close of the home inspection to review inspection report findings, answer any questions you may have referring to the inspection and the integrity of your new home. I want you to fully understand the condition of the home you are about to purchase.

 After you review the inspection report and do the walk through, you will feel confident I had your best interest in mind to insure you have a ‘Peace-of-Mind’ in knowing the condition of your new home and feel very confident concerning your investment.

                                                    About Your Inspection Report

It is my job to protect you against surprising, hidden defects in fire, health, safety and structural issues of your home by giving you a very good concept of the condition of your home at the time of the inspection by performing a 500+ point, detailed inspection. 

I will record my findings for you, help you understand the implications of any inspection findings, and direct you as necessary to a corrective resolution by recommending top quality contractors to perform any repairs as recommended.

My report is computer generated via HomeGauge, ( with digital pictures and depictions to areas of concern along with good aspects of your new home. The report is clear and easy to understand.

I make every effort to discover and report any defects or areas of concern to you; this is where my years of experience and ASHI Certification as an inspector are invaluable to you.


For personalized service, please call now to get a price quote and schedule an inspection appointment:

Hawkeye Home Inspections, LLC 

Alvin C. Miller

AHIT Certified;  ASHI Certified Inspector 

40 yrs custom home building, designing, renovating & inspecting experience 

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